Parrishon P. Hardgraves, known by clients and friends alike as “Mrs. Pear” Is a 2013 graduate of Friends University in Wichita KS with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration. She is also the owner operator of a successful daycare center, Modern Child Care. Parrishon comes from a family of business owners. During much of her childhood, both of her parents were entrepreneurs. For this factor owning a business came somewhat natural to her. After Graduating from college, life began to change for Ms.Pear. She became uncontent with working for others, wanted to start her own business as her parents had done, and she also wanted to do something meaningful as a career. Something that could help the community.

Parrishon had this to say about why she started a daycare. “Initially  I was looking into starting a family of my own and wanted the most exposure to that and I thought that a daycare would be the perfect experience.”Additionally, Ms.Pear also became interested in things like yoga, Holistic health and plant based lifestyle . Parrishon did her best to incorporate these beliefs and interests into the vision that she had for creating Modern Child Care. “as I began to do research about the current trends in the child care industry I almost immediately started to see ways that I could innovate and offer a more compassionate service”.  

It clear to all those who know Ms.Pear that she is dedicated and compassionate about the services she provides. Mr. Pear has been quoted as saying “I don’t provide daycare, I provide a sense of security so that families can conduct their lives  and know that their child is safe”. Young,compassionate and professional are the words that describe Parrishon Hardgraves. You can find daycare anywhere, but you can find a peace of mind with Parrishon and Modern Child Care.


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